Auditing,  Education & ICD10 Compliance
Tired of being in the dark about what payers and insurance companies are looking for?  We can help brighten the way in de-mystifying ever changing codes and regulations including ICD10 Compliance reviews.  Providing the correct documentation to reflect accurate information and ensure proper reimbursement is critical.  Here's where experience can help, we work closely with providers and office staff to review documentation or look at your A/R billing.  You can begin by requesting copies of PRE-RECORDED AUDIO WEBINARS.

Now available: ICD10 CODE UPDATES AND NEW CODES.  Cost: $25.00 + S/H per audio CD plus applicable taxes and S/H.                    

   Ensure accuracy and timely reimbursement through our

 Auditing Division, give us a call today at (781) 864-8078. 
H.B.C. Membership ensures timely UPDATEs and adherence to ethical standards in coding and reimbursement.  Members enjoy discounted rates toward ongoing educational and training sessions, webinar training, Certification training, "REIMBURSEMENT TODAY" e-Newsletter access, and discounts on products.     Physician Office Membership $120.00 annually (1-5 members)    Larger Group rates: Call for*Corporate Memberships pricing


Ready to demonstrate your skills through Certification enhancement?  

Combine Membership/Bootcamp Registration:

Next Certification training seminar is on MAY 9, 2016.  Special discount offer with NEW AACS Membership & Bootcamp Registration purchase made by APRIL 4, 2016(Savings of $20.00 & Professional Membership Upgrade.)    

Be sure to register today!   See the attached registration form by clicking below: Final Registration deadline is APRIL 26, 2016 

Certification Registration form 
TESTIMONIALS: "You as a phenomenal teacher who provides structure, pace and expertise."  Kristen A. 

"Michelle is an outstanding and enthusiastic teacher, I found her coding prep class to be invaluable in preparing me for the CCA Examination which I passed 4 days later!  I highly recommend the prep class for anyone preparing for the CCA Exam.      S. Walker., B.S., CCA.
"Thank you for your dedication in preparing your students to be not only good employees, but good people."  Brenda D.,   Education Director 
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